Chapter 1. College, What's The Point

Chapter 1

Learning Objectives

Identify reasons as to why an education is important

Understand the concept of task completion as it relates to life

College: What’s the Point?

Why should I go to college? What is the point? If I had one dollar for the number of times I have answered this question, I would certainly not be writing this book. I would be lying on the beach dictating these words, and someone else would be doing all the work - typing it up for me because I would be rich! Nonetheless, my answer is very simple, but there are multiple answers! Come on now; you didn’t think I was going to give you the short answer, did you? 

College will allow you to receive an education which will set you apart from others and ultimately lead you down a path of success if you take full advantage of its resources while you are there. It’s a requirement to gain access to better information so you can be professionally groomed for the right opportunity and then seize it! Simply by going to class daily, you will learn new things and start to evolve as a person due to being in this new environment. If you exert the effort and study hard, you will position yourself for success based on the major you have chosen. Now that’s my textbook answer which is all true but lean in closely… Let me tell you the REAL answer.

Ultimately, attending college is about preparing for a career, and it shows employers one thing. It tells employers that you have the ability to start a task and finish it. Graduating from a college degree is one of the hardest things a person will accomplish in life. If it was easy, everyone would have a college degree. All your friends would follow the traditional path of graduating from high school, moving on to college, and starting a great job, right?

So why is the ability to finish something such a big deal? As you move through life, the opportunity to start tasks will occur frequently. You will start many different projects and tasks all the time. Many people will start writing a song or book, but they will not finish. Many people will start selling sneakers or hats, designing t-shirts, or creating video games, but they will not finish.

Many students will start high school every year across America, yet many will not finish. Many students will start college and will also fall short of the goal. Which is to do what? FINISH.

Completing the tasks not only shows employers, but also shows the whole world that you can achieve goals, be dedicated and finish.

College is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, everything from understanding how to manage your time to get all your homework and assignments done, to figuring out how to manage your money, relationships, paying bills and being responsible as you grow into a young adult. Doing all these things successfully allows you to achieve the goal, which is graduate with a college degree.

It’s a clear signal that you know how to make decisions, think critically, overcome obstacles, work hard, handle many tasks at once, meet deadlines, interact socially, communicate, and work with others. The degree itself will serve as a stamp of approval based on a standard of unwritten rules that go without saying during a job interview. A college degree will allow you to be evenly matched against your peers who have also prepared themselves, and a college degree is the general gateway to having a career versus having a job.

Many other variables will play into this, but if you really think about some of the topics discussed in this book and if you can get to the finish line, you will be able to show the world that you are not a person who starts things and gives up easily. Instead, you will be a polished college graduate ready to take on the world. Most importantly, graduating and finishing a college degree proves to one person, who is the most important person you will ever meet, who is sometimes your toughest critic and other times your biggest cheerleader, YOU, that anything is possible if only you stay the course.

Online Worksheet With Questions

*Deep Dive: What is the correlation between what employers want in a college graduate and what it takes to graduate from college?

*Think Tank-The author says a college degree is the general gateway to having a career vs having a job? Do some research and define “Job vs Career”. Use 2-3 examples with your definition. 



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