Career and College Research Project - ENTIRE PROJECT IS FOUND IN THE POWER POINT

Quick Project Snap Shot

We have to redefine what college is and what it looks like for each individual. Whether its two years, four years, certification or some of the other avenues listed below, whats important is that you have a plan for life after high school. The planning starts right now!

In order to close out the course we will complete a research project. This will allow each student to narrow down a career or college and create a personal plan that can be followed.

Regarding this project College will be defined as any post-secondary education and/or career development program. This includes, but is not limited to two and four year degree programs, certificate programs, internships, vocational training and military training,

Part A: Research, Career Cluster

Step One:

A. Take Career Cluster Inventory Assessment Online at the following web address: Click or Copy and Paste

  2. The Career Cluster Inventory will calculate your 3 Top Matching Career Clusters based on the criteria you selected. Record These on the Research Project Document.
  3. Click on the Top Career to get more information which will help with your research.

Step Two:

  1. Research your top career areas by answering the following questions depending on what your top three careers were. Answer the questions in the PowerPoint for each Top Career Field. Produce 3 sets of answers for these questions. See PowerPoint

Questions In The Career Focus PowerPoint

1.What occupation fall under this career field that interest you the most?

2.  What tasks are perform by a person in this career?

3.  What type of post-secondary (beyond High School) education is needed?

4. What type of technology skills are needed to perform in this career?

5. What knowledge is expected to be able to perform in this career field?

6. What daily/hourly hours would one work?

7. What is the expected pay or salary for this career field? What is the hourly pay?

8. What type of work does one do in this career? Are you required to work with your hands in a physical sense or is it more with your mind?

 9. What is the outlook (for the future) for your chosen field?

10. What clubs and organizations can you join in middle or high school that will assist you in this career?

11. What key skills and abilities do you need to succeed in this career field?

12.What key work activities are involved? 

Questions in the College Focus PowerPoint

1.What type of college is it?

2. What is the enrollment, how many students attend the school?

3. What is the school setting? Is it located in the city or is it rural?

4. What are the admission requirements to be accepted?

5. What are the tuition costs plus room and board?

6.What type of major might you pursue at this college?

7. What is a description of this major or field of study?

8. What skills are necessary to be successful in this major or field of study?

9. What high school courses are needed for this major or field of study?

10.What courses does one take at college to fulfill this major or field of study?

*Research can also be done using the Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Part II Building The Research

Now that you have done the research and had an opportunity to dissect 3 of your top career/college areas, use the Power Point Slides to draft your plan and answer the questions inside the power-point.

Part III Putting It All Together

Use the outline at the end of the research PowerPoint to draft a paper about your specific college and career destination.

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